I am a self-taught photographer, originally concentrating mainly on landscape photography, but currently specialising in cycling race photography and digital art.

I prefer to photograph circuit races where I can walk the course looking to capture most aspects of the race and location and in doing so looking for those dramatic, action and scenic shots. I like to capture the action! If, after browsing through an event gallery, you obtain an appreciation of how the race unfolded and hopefully enjoyed viewing the photos, I have achieved my objective. I like to shoot races in more challenging light conditions, as this often produces the best shots.

I also have a particular interest in Digital Art, going back to my earliest photographic experiences and experimentation in my youth.

Photography was not my original career but it has always been a passion. It started on a school trip to London at the age of 10 when I borrowed my family’s instamatic camera. My interest developed at university where I ran the darkroom for the Photographic Society; I experimented for hours, days, with lith film to produce photographic effects such as tone elimination, tone separation, solarisation and posterization, way before the digital era. It could take days to produce a final print after many cycles of the process. The same, and much more sophisticated effects, can be achieved in minutes now in the digital world.

I had a successful career in the IT industry but after living with a chronic illness for some (too many) years, I made a transition to photography, albeit on a part-time basis.

It started a few years earlier with my daughter, Anna Marie, taking up bike racing with Hillingdon Slipstreamers. Eventually I started taking Anna Marie to races all over the country and abroad. I love cycling, and in particular racing, and have learnt so much, from the tactics, training, nutrition to being able to strip, rebuild and build new bikes. My interest in photography was also rekindled and in 2015, I started Hughes Art & Photos, initially to help Anna Marie promote and sell her cycling based artwork. When Anna Marie started at university later that year, I concentrated on the cycling photography and was now able to go to more races. More importantly, I could move away from the pit area, where my help was previously needed to deal with mechanical problems during the races. At circuit races such as at Hillingdon or Hog Hill, this “freedom” allowed me to walk the course, which I do, continuously, looking for a variety of shots. There is always something different around the corner.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my galleries.

Please remember that this is a business. Please honour my copyright and do not copy my work without my prior permission or purchasing an appropriate licence. Please also do not be offended if I decline the use of my photos in lieu of a photo credit. I do not offer this service as it is unfair to those people who have parted with their hard-earned cash to purchase a print or image download licence, and photo credits don't pay the bills either.

Thank you for reading.

Cliff Hughes